Fort Worth native Pollard Rogers, is no stranger to community service.  The long-time real estate/oil and gas attorney for Cantey Hanger gave thousands of hours to respected non-profit organizations throughout the years, including the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, the Fort Worth Opera, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, the Community Foundation of North Texas and the Healing Shepherd Clinic of Union Gospel Mission.  

A board member of Baylor All Saints Medical Center for approximately 25 years, Rogers’ long history of support dates back to when his father, Hamilton Rogers, was on the board of All Saints Medical Center during the construction of the Moncrief Building. 

While there are many worthy causes where Rogers continues to offer his resources, one of his favorite ways to give back is being a hands-on volunteer for the Baylor Scott & White All Saints Emergency Department. Rogers consistently spent three hours every Saturday morning working in the fast-paced center.

“When I started volunteering, I asked the staff - what are the things you like to do least?” said Rogers. “I wanted to allow them to go on and do other important things.” 

Initially, Rogers collated lots of paper charts and forms. “Now that records are electronic, that’s not as needed.  I thought I worked myself out of a job, but they said no, they could find something else,” the volunteer laughed. “Whatever they want me to do is how I want to help.”

While Rogers’ volunteering is no longer as robust as it was in the past, he recalls fondly that his great joy was visiting with the patients. “I would stop by the rooms and make sure the carts were fully stocked, while asking the patients how they were doing. I would ask if they might need anything to drink, or perhaps a blanket.  I would offer them just a little TLC to make them feel better.” Rogers also enjoyed making pharmacy runs, though the impact of his volunteer efforts goes far beyond stocking supplies.

“I remember the first time someone died. That sticks with you. You realize how serious things are there,” reflected Pollard quietly. “I would try to remember that this is the worst day for many of our patients, so my empathy is really important.  Patients would often sincerely thank me, simply just for looking them in the eye and asking how they were.”

Being a Maria Beggs member is yet another way that Pollard Rogers shows his commitment to Baylor Scott & White – Fort Worth.  The Maria Beggs Society is a rewarding way for our donors, patients and volunteers to give back by remembering us in your estate plans. We're always on the lookout for caring, compassionate, knowledgeable people to help support our mission.